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Your 40’s and 50’s are a time of endless possibility.

Up until now, everything and everyone else has been at the top of your to-do list. But now you have more choices. Your life is no longer about pleasing your parents, your children or your spouse.

  • It’s a time for self-reflection because you’re ready to figure out what’s next for you.
  • It’s a time for self-care because good health and a centered spirit will carry you into vibrant old age.
  • It’s a time to be selfish because you’ve earned the right to finally focus on yourself.

During the time I’ve worked with Dr. Anna, I’ve been able to regaining my momentum, equilibrium, confidence and a healthy mindset.

I felt like I had no control over what was happening with my body, so I started out working with her on balancing my hormones with her Hormone Harmony program. Once we got that under control, I participated in the Lose Fat over 40 program to shed the extra 15 lbs that had crept on in the last few years…it’s gone now!

With Dr. Anna’s support, I feel like I’ve figured out the key to regaining my balance and now I feel much more like my old self. I feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant. I am in control of my body once again and it shows!

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

San Francisco, CA

Has Mother Nature done a hit-and-run on your mojo???

Perimenopause and menopause can sneak up on you!

If you’re experiencing vague symptoms like lying awake at night, fatigue that wipes you out, mood swings that send your family running in the other direction, bloating and weight gain or more dramatic signs like hot flashes and night sweats it’s likely that you have a hormone imbalance.

If you’re trying to run a business and you don’t have the energy to put in the effort to get the needle moving or you’ve climbed the corporate ladder and you’re starting to feel like you’re off your game and slipping down a rung or two, let’s turn that around. Let me help you get your mojo back!

Are you my ideal client?

The women I work with come in all sorts of beautiful packages. But they tend to have one or more of these things in common:

They crave inspiration because they feel the pull of longing to create powerful new chapter for themselves.

They’re ready to take massive action and invest the time and money required to do so.

They’re ready to let go of the past and fears that have held them back.

They see endless possibilities!

Before I started working with Dr. Anna, I was stuck! I pretty much avoided anything that opened me up to being hurt again after a messy divorce. On top of that, I was experiencing symptoms of menopause that left me feeling tired, and having uncontrollable hot flashes.

I hormone testing and found I need hormone replacement. Dr. Anna and my gynecologist worked together to get the right balance and now I am feeling so much better. I have energy, and no more afternoon slump. My hot flashes are a thing of the past too and I am feeling great!

With coaching, I learned that unhelpful thought patterns can be turned around. This really helped to control the mind chatter. I also learned that I need to set goals and make them a priority when it comes to making me healthier.

I told Dr. Anna I had been looking for her the past ten years because I knew there was someone out there that cared and would have solutions to the things I was facing.

If you are stuck and not sure what’s next, make the investment of time and money in yourself.

It is well worth it and it will make a huge difference in the way you feel. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I love telling people my story and encouraging them to reach out to her.

Teresa McCarthy

Asheville, NC

Success stories like this happen when you DECIDE to commit to making yourself first on your to-do list. You can step into new possibilities for yourself right here, right now. I’ve created programs especially designed for the specific needs of women in midlife. Whether it’s getting your hormones balanced, losing weight or getting unstuck and figuring out what’s next for you, I can help.

But let me be clear. This work can be harder than you think. And take longer than you might expect. If you are a serious do-it-yourselfer or you jump from practitioner to practitioner looking for a “magic pill” then we won’t be a good fit. I want to work with women who value mutual trust and the relationship with their provider, who are willing and ready to do what it takes and who understand that we’ll get where we’re going even if it’s slowly. I need you to show up engaged and ready to follow through!

Take the first step.

I want to work with clients who are unapologetic about the need to take care of themselves and are ready to invest the time and money it takes to reclaim their mojo. I am committed to helping you achieve the outcomes you desire!

To get started, I offer a 45- minute consultation to talk about your goals and concerns and for us to discuss my recommendations for how to approach your hormones. This is a personalized consultation and we’ll go as deep as we can in the allotted time. The cost for this session is $247.  I look forward to talking with you!

Get in Touch!

Once your purchase is complete, I’ll send you my scheduling link so you can book our consultation at your convenience plus a link to some brief homework to get us started. If you have any questions about this process, please message me at

Let's Talk: Hormone and Wellness Consultation

If you’re tired of the do-it-yourself approach and would like some expert advice, I offer a one-time 45-minute hormone and wellness consultation. We’ll talk about what’s bothering you and what your goals are. Then, I’ll give you some tips and ideas that are personalized for you. And I’ll also share the services I offer if you decide you want more intensive 1-1 work.

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Genetic Mastery

Have you ever felt that you were doomed to your family’s health issues (diabetes, cholesterol, weight management, even Alzheimer’s disease) because it’s “just in your genes”?

Or maybe you’ve wondered why a certain diet, or supplement, or fitness trend seems to be working miracles for your friends, yet as hard as you try, you don’t get the same results?

More Information

Test and Talk Program

If you’re ready to get some REAL answers and expert guidance, I’ve created a special package that gives you a clear picture of your hormone balance AND what stress is doing to your body.

When we work together, we'll dive into your individual history and I'll evaluate all of your key lady hormone levels

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Hormone Harmony Program

It doesn’t matter whether you call them hot flashes or power surges, dealing with symptoms of hormone imbalance can suck the mojo right out of you. If you’re tired of being tired, depressed, anxious, hot and bothered, Hormone Harmony may be just the prescription for you!

The Harmone Harmony package is for clients who want to know their hormone levels and address imbalances in a targeted way.

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Fit, Fabulous & Fierce Over 40

Are you ready to be a diet culture dropout? If you're losing the battle with the scale, you don't need another need a revolution! That's what Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40 is all about. It's based on the BARE process, a unique approach to weight loss.if you are ready for permanent weight loss, a coach who gets up in your face (in a good way), and a community of women who will encourage you to be stronger and braver than you ever thought you could be, this is for you.

This is THE most powerful work I've ever done with clients!

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  • I’d been consistent in my training 4 times a week, eating and hydrating well, sleeping 7-8+ hours and still feeling “off”, like all cylinders weren’t firing.

    Since I had not had my hormone levels checked in about two years after beginning bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, I wanted to see if that, or some other element of hormone function could be the culprit.

    Testing showed that I had low adrenal function which was affecting my stamina. Dr. Anna suggested adding some calories to what I was eating and created a regimen of supplements to support my adrenals and get my sex hormones in better balance.

    Now, I have more energy throughout the day and am hitting personal records at the gym. I’ve stopped try to power through fatigue…instead, I take a nap if I need it.

    If you’re struggling with hormone symptoms or just aren’t feeling like yourself, I highly recommend working with Dr. Anna.

    Robin Borthwick
    Robin Borthwick
    Asheville, NC
  • I was having hot flashes– tremendous hot flashes all day long and at night. I would sweat so much my clothes would be wet most of the day. I couldn’t wear anything nice at all, and it was embarrassing! Not only that, it went on for YEARS. I tried a bunch of different things: herbs, vitamins, breathing techniques… bought books and studied… a few things helped but nothing rid me of the bulk of the symptoms. My GP told me hormones came from horse urine but she couldn’t tell me how that was collected. Since I try to live cruelty-free, I couldn’t go there. I should mention I also had memory loss and confusion, among other symptoms.


    After working with Dr. Anna Garrett for six months, I now have maybe one super short, super mild hot flash a day at most. Nothing at all like I had before. My memory is better as is my energy level and ability to focus. I feel great, and am so grateful to Dr. Garrett for her amazing work! It is a real gift to women! It was nothing short of life-changing!!!


    I’m now able to wear nice clothes again. I can socialize without having my face dripping with sweat (it wasn’t pretty) and I feel great again and can put my time into things I enjoy more than researching hot flash cures!


    Don’t waste time deciding if you can afford to work with Dr. Garrett or not. You cannot afford to lose the time when you can feel so much better and so much more empowered and yourself again.

    Mary Tuma
    Mary Tuma
    Charlotte, NC
  • Before I started coaching with Dr. Anna, I felt trapped in the depths of my anxiety. I was aware of my fears and wanted to take action towards returning to a happier state of mind, but I didn’t have the tools to do so.


    One of my co-workers had worked with Dr. Anna and couldn’t say enough good things about what she had gotten out of her experience. So, I signed up! Over the next few months, Dr. Anna helped target the cause of my anxiety and provided me with the tools I needed to take hold of my life again. In the past, I thought of my anxiety as a serious ailment to my life; something that was wrong with me.


    Dr. Anna helped me to see my fears with more forgiving eyes. As soon as I lifted some of the imaginary weight off of my situation, I was quickly able to counteract my anxiety. My life feels so much lighter now, and my relationships are much better. In fact, I just got engaged! I feel like I can finally breathe!

    Judy Sturgill
    Judy Sturgill
    Asheville, NC
  • After suffering through random bouts of hot flashes, weight gain and way too many sleepless nights to count, I reached out to Dr. Anna for help.

    I am so happy I did. She helped me understand the symptoms of peri-menopause and offered alternative solutions that I would have never considered.

    After just a few weeks following her plan, I felt like myself again (and I continue to feel great months later!)

    Glad Doggett
    Glad Doggett
    Ft. Campbell, KY
  • I started coaching with Dr. Anna thinking it would help me to lose weight. I eat healthy 90% of the time, but I had developed a potato chip habit that I couldn’t understand because it was so out of alignment with what I want for my health. It didn’t make sense and I didn’t know what else I could do.

    I work full time and am currently pursuing my master’s degree. And in my spare time, I was planning a wedding. All of this caused major stress. And I very quickly realized that the problem wasn’t the extra pounds, the problem was my stress level. And no amount of potato chips could help THAT!

    I love yoga and ballroom dancing and had quit both because I thought I didn’t have the time anymore. BIG mistake!  Through coaching, I learned how important it is to take care of yourself. You must take time to do what you love and enjoy life. The less time you have and the more stress you feel, the more important it is you take care of yourself. The coaching sessions became more about learning how to manage the stress in my life and less about the weight. I had to carve time out of my schedule to do something enjoyable.

    As I learned to reclaim pleasures I had given up, the extra pounds began to drop off. Without really trying very hard, I lost the weight I wanted. It was all about learning a healthy way of dealing with life’s stressors instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack when I felt overwhelmed by the demands on my life.

    What I know now is that we can choose how to respond in every given moment. I choose not to be overwhelmed by stress. I’ll go dancing instead!

    Coaching with Dr. Anna has made a huge difference in my life!  I would definitely suggest coaching to anyone who’s struggling with a problem they can’t figure out. Six months of work is making a lifetime of difference for me.

    Karen Cochran, RN, CNOR
    Karen Cochran, RN, CNOR
    Asheville, NC
  • Before I started the coaching program, I was anxious and unsettled. I had been wanting to make some healthy lifestyle changes but couldn’t seem to commit to making them. Dr. Anna has taught me how to slow down enough to acknowledge my feelings and behaviors and to be conscious of my daily choices.

    As a result of my coaching experience, I am more grateful, more relaxed and more in control of how I act and react to others. I would highly recommend Dr. Anna’s coaching to anyone who wants to make a change for the better.

    Leigh Ruhl
    Leigh Ruhl
    Asheville, NC
  • Before I started coaching, I was running from day to day without any thoughts of myself or my needs. I have two small children and a full time job and I feel like I am busy every moment of the day.

    I felt a desire to take some time for myself and get some exercise, but I wasn’t sure how to fit this into my schedule and I felt guilty about taking time away from my family. But coaching helped me see that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t have anything to give to my family.

    Since starting coaching, I have joined the YWCA, I have started doing a little yoga in the mornings, and taking at least one day for myself to exercise and I have lost the guilt! I realized that I have to make the effort and take the time to do things for myself, because my life is not going to stop to allow me this time. I have also been eating healthier!

    Through this experience, I realized a lot of things about myself that have held me back from moving forward with my goals. Coaching helped me connect the dots in my life and provided the support I needed to really move forward.

    Katie Bartholomew
    Katie Bartholomew
    Asheville, NC
  • When I began the program, I felt unable to strike an acceptable work/life balance where I could produce an exceptional work product and also be my best for myself, friends and family. I had severe insomnia, lived with a great deal of work stress, nearly disabling fear and worry due to the uncertainty at work, and very often found myself unable to cope.

    Since participating in coaching, I am learning to give myself permission to have ‘free time’ to relax and enjoy life. While I still suffer from insomnia, I no longer take prescription sleep meds, so find that I feel more refreshed and the insomnia is not quite as severe. The stress I have with work is still at a very high level and at times can be overwhelming. However, with stress reduction and coping tools I have learned in the program, I am handling it much better than I used to. The most important improvement is one that I didn’t expect going into the program, and that’s dealing with my obsessive worry over ‘worst case scenario’.

    I would tell someone who was considering doing this but wasn’t sure to have faith and take the leap – even small progress is progress.

    Jody Light
    Jody Light
    Asheville, NC
  • I was incredibly hot, bothered and SLEEPLESS! I couldn’t stand it any more, but my doctor’s office told me it was going to take 6 weeks to get an appointment to be seen. SIX WEEKS! I couldn’t wait that long, so I took matters into my own hands.

    I contacted Dr. Anna Garrett about her hormone balance consultations. She did an in-depth symptom history and coordinated salivary hormone testing for me.

    What she noticed on the test results explained everything! My estrogen and progesterone levels were very low for someone my age. And my cortisol levels indicated that I had adrenal fatigue, which explains why I was not making progress at the gym and had been feeling run-down. Dr. Anna explained everything in a way that was completely understandable to me.

    Dr. Anna recommended a daily protocol of hormone replacement along with recommendations for lifestyle changes and supplements that would support recovery from the adrenal fatigue. Within a few weeks of beginning the hormone replacement, my hot flashes have disappeared and I feel more like myself! I’ve also been focusing on self-care and am feeling stronger and more peaceful in letting my body recover.

    AND, best of all, I’m sleeping!

    If you’re feeling fat, fuzzy or frazzled, I definitely recommend talking to Dr. Anna!

    Meg Murphy
    Meg Murphy
    Asheville, NC
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