“Hi ladies, I just wanted to share my experience after nearly 3 months following Dr Anna Garrett’s protocol specifically created for me based on the DUTCH test results and her expertise. When I first consulted her back in January, I was filled with anxiety/depression, horrible night sweats (up every hour drenched), hot flashes, fatigue, hair loss, etc. I could barely function some days. I can say today these symptoms are gone. I feel truly amazing, energized, and like my old self. I attribute this to her advice. I searched for 2 years with my doctors to get relief. All I received was an Ativan and Lexapro prescription. It wasn’t what my body needed. I needed to find out what was out of whack and address it. Dr Anna helped me figure it out. I was low in all of the sex hormones, high with cortisol and DHEAs, and had a hypo thyroid response due to stress. I am taking supplements specifically designed to address these issues, using a little progesterone and estrogen bio-identical creams, have removed gluten, caffeine, alcohol, sugar from my diet for the most part. Still need some escape during this crazy time!! Also using essential oils like rosemary, clary sage, and lavender to massage my scalp. It has helped with my hair loss. I just wanted to share what has worked for me in the hope that it will help others. I know how bad it can get to suffer with this. I wanted to die at times because I couldn’t find any relief. I truly recommend consulting her. It was a life saver for me!! Stay safe and be well.”

Jennifer Holden – Beverly, Massachusetts

“I was incredibly hot, bothered and SLEEPLESS! I couldn’t stand it any more, but my doctor’s office told me it was going to take 6 weeks to get an appointment to be seen. SIX WEEKS! I couldn’t wait that long, so I took matters into my own hands.

I contacted Dr. Anna Garrett about her hormone balance consultations. She did an in-depth symptom history and coordinated salivary hormone testing for me.

What she noticed on the test results explained everything! My estrogen and progesterone levels were very low for someone my age. And my cortisol levels indicated that I had adrenal fatigue, which explains why I was not making progress at the gym and had been feeling run-down. Dr. Anna explained everything in a way that was completely understandable to me.

Dr. Anna recommended a daily protocol of hormone replacement along with recommendations for lifestyle changes and supplements that would support recovery from the adrenal fatigue. Within a few weeks of beginning the hormone replacement, my hot flashes have disappeared and I feel more like myself! I’ve also been focusing on self-care and am feeling stronger and more peaceful in letting my body recover.

AND, best of all, I’m sleeping!

If you’re feeling fat, fuzzy or frazzled, I definitely recommend talking to Dr. Anna!”

Meg Murphy

“I’d been consistent in my training 4 times a week, eating and hydrating well, sleeping 7-8+ hours and still feeling “off”, like all cylinders weren’t firing.

Since I had not had my hormone levels checked in about two years after beginning bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, I wanted to see if that, or some other element of hormone function could be the culprit.

Testing showed that I had low adrenal function which was affecting my stamina. Dr. Anna suggested adding some calories to what I was eating and created a regimen of supplements to support my adrenals and get my sex hormones in better balance.

Now, I have more energy throughout the day and am hitting personal records at the gym. I’ve stopped try to power through fatigue…instead, I take a nap if I need it.

If you’re struggling with hormone symptoms or just aren’t feeling like yourself, I highly recommend working with Dr. Anna.”

Robin Borthwick

“I was having hot flashes– tremendous hot flashes all day long and at night. I would sweat so much my clothes would be wet most of the day. I couldn’t wear anything nice at all, and it was embarrassing! Not only that, it went on for YEARS. I tried a bunch of different things: herbs, vitamins, breathing techniques… bought books and studied… a few things helped but nothing rid me of the bulk of the symptoms. My GP told me hormones came from horse urine but she couldn’t tell me how that was collected. Since I try to live cruelty-free, I couldn’t go there. I should mention I also had memory loss and confusion, among other symptoms.

After working with Dr. Anna Garrett for six months, I now have maybe one super short, super mild hot flash a day at most. Nothing at all like I had before. My memory is better as is my energy level and ability to focus. I feel great, and am so grateful to Dr. Garrett for her amazing work! It is a real gift to women! It was nothing short of life-changing!!!

I’m now able to wear nice clothes again. I can socialize without having my face dripping with sweat (it wasn’t pretty) and I feel great again and can put my time into things I enjoy more than researching hot flash cures!

Don’t waste time deciding if you can afford to work with Dr. Garrett or not. You cannot afford to lose the time when you can feel so much better and so much more empowered and yourself again.”

Mary Tuma

“After suffering through random bouts of hot flashes, weight gain and way too many sleepless nights to count, I reached out to Dr. Anna for help.

I am so happy I did. She helped me understand the symptoms of peri-menopause and offered alternative solutions that I would have never considered.

After just a few weeks following her plan, I felt like myself again (and I continue to feel great months later!)”

Glad Doggett

“Dr. Anna Garrett has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge due to her interest in peri and menopause as a woman experiencing it herself AND with her strong science background as a licensed pharmacist.

I can’t possibly recommend consulting and DUTCH testing with Dr. Anna highly enough. She and her knowledge have rescued me from poor quality of life at this stage of my life, twice now.”

Kimberly Graham