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  • “I just don’t understand what is happening to my body. I feel like crap.”
  • “My friends keep suggesting things I should try, but nothing is working.”
  • “I feel so out of control! Why is my body conspiring against me?”

I hear these statements from women all the time.

It’s time for us to talk!

Book a 45-minute consultation call with me.

Let’s talk about you, your body, and the symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

This is your chance to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable expert, share what you’re experiencing, ask all the questions you’ve been wanting to ask, and figure out your best next step!

You’ll walk away from this call with:

  • Information about what perimenopause is, and isn’t, and what to expect going forward.
  • Answers to your burning questions about your body, your hormones, your menstrual cycle, fertility, how soon you might shift from perimenopause into menopause (and what that means!), or whatever else you’re wondering about. No more mysteries!
  • The best steps you can take right now to improve your situation and start feeling significantly better.
  • If you decide that working with us on an individual basis is your best next step, you and I will talk about which member of our team would be a great fit for our ongoing partnership. 
Your investment: $297

“You are truly the only person that has been able to help me after 2 years of pleading with doctors, exhaustive visits, outrageous bills, etc. I will forever be grateful to you. You validated what I was going through and took it seriously when others said it’s in my head or just deal with it. I feel better that I have in a long time.”


A no-rush experience

When you visit a typical doctor’s office, your average visit is just 7 minutes long, and typically you’ll only be speaking for 11 seconds before your doctor interrupts you.

Chances are your doc will write a prescription for birth control, antidepressants or anxiety medications and rush to the next patient.

I believe you deserve more than 11 seconds to talk about your precious body, your health, and your life! With me, you won’t be rushed. We have time to settle in and go deep.

Schedule your 45-minute consultation call today. The sooner we talk, the sooner you can start feeling better!