Common Questions

When making an investment in your health—whether it’s a new gym membership, or meeting with a hormone specialist like myself—it’s normal to have questions and hesitations. A few things you might be wondering:

A: I hear you. When you hire a top hormone specialist like myself, the investment can be anywhere from $247 and up.

Many women feel guilty about investing in themselves. As women, we will happily spend money on the kids (tutoring, summer camp, new Xbox) and friends (birthdays, wedding gifts) but when it comes to our own health, something stops us. And frankly, that’s not right!

I invite you to consider, “Isn’t my health worth investing in? Don’t I deserve to feel energized and comfortable in my body? And if I feel good, isn’t that a good thing for everyone else in my life too?” It absolutely is. Schedule a call, and let’s get started!

A. No way! We’ll work together to create an action plan that is just right for you. Simple, clear, and not overwhelming.

Plus, depending on which package you choose, I also provide ongoing coaching to help you shift into your new lifestyle and create habits that stick. I’m with you on the journey—you won’t be left “all alone” to figure things out by yourself!

A. In my entire career, spanning more than 20 years, this has simply never happened.

When you speak to me, get your levels tested, and work with me to create an action plan, you will start feeling better. Just like when you drink more water, you will get hydrated. Cause and effect!

I’m proud to have a long, consistent track record of success, and you can read client experiences here.

If you have any other hesitations or concerns, please contact my team. We’re more than happy to chat via email and help you out! Thank you.