When perimenopause arrives, it’s easy to be blindsided and feel like you are the only woman on Earth who is experiencing changes that can range from annoying to life-altering!

As we deal with the surprises and challenges of midlife, we all need someone who’s been there, who gets it, and who can tell us the truth.

And when you have questions you’re embarrassed to ask or just want to understand what’s going on with your body (in people-speak, not medical-ease), you need someone you can trust for ACCURATE information and ongoing support as you work to improve your health and hormones.

Dr. Google is NOT that resource!

Introducing The Savvy Sisterhood!

The Savvy Sisterhood is a community to help you thrive physically, emotionally, sexually, and even spiritually as you go through the natural and inevitable life shifts of perimenopause and menopause.

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We’re always adding more goodies that are available to you, but here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Monthly live Q & A with me or my coaches.
  • Monthly topic calls with experts in areas of interest to the group.
  • Archived access to ALL of our past Q&A and expert topic calls.
  • Free access to my Hormone Harmony online course.
  • Discounts on working privately with me.
  • And more!

When you join the waitlist you’ll be able to get exclusive access to waitlist-only bonuses that will come directly from your suggestions!

Enrollment will be limited. By being on the waitlist, you’ll have a full 24 hours to join the Sisterhood first before it goes to the general public.


Join the Waitlist

p.s. Adding your name to the waitlist doesn’t obligate you to join! But, it is the BEST way to ensure that you can grab a seat when enrollment opens again, if you decide it’s right for you (and we’re sure you going to want to join us!).
It is the only way to access the cool bonuses coming your way!

Can't Wait to meet you in the savvy sisterhood!

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