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You may be wondering what all of this means and if there are steps you can take to get your hormones under control. I’m so glad you asked! So what happens next?

You’ll be receiving a series of emails from me over the next week that explain what your score means in more depth, changes you can make TODAY that will help as well as resources you can trust as you begin to educate yourself. Hint: my book is a great place to start! You can find that at

If you’re looking for more support, head over to my free Facebook group, the Hormone Harmony Club. You’ll quickly realize how much company you have on this journey and it’s a great community of women. You’ll be able to ask general questions and get tips and hints on things you can research and try to address whatever you’re experiencing. And I’ll get to know you!

Again, thanks for taking the quiz. I’m honored to support you and welcome you to my community of amazing women!

To your good health,

Dr. Anna Garrett