Mind Your Mindset: Creating a Powerful Start to 2024

Welcome to the end of 2023.

One of my favorite things to do at the end of each year is to spend time reflecting back and loosely deciding what I’d like to create in the coming year. As I take a quick look backward, it’s easy to get caught up in all that went wrong (and there was plenty of that), but there were definitely some highs in the midst of what was, at best, a chaotic year.

Success in challenging experiences is much easier with a positive mindset. Maybe you’re not there, but trust me….with the right tools and practice, you CAN turn things around. Here’s the thing about mindset. You get more of what you focus on, so if you are spinning around in all that is wrong, you are likely to attract more of the same. Let’s take a look at how to reframe your thinking and some tools you can use to launch into 2024 with a more positive outlook.

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list

Many women are uncomfortable focusing any time, energy, money, or attention on themselves. But here’s the truth. The people around you WANT you to be at your best. You only get one life and if what you are doing is surviving vs. thriving, it’s time to take a good hard look at what and whom you are saying yes to. Because if you are saying yes to other obligations, you are, by default, saying NO to yourself. Make a conscious decision right now to put yourself first and devote time to practicing the skills you will learn here.

Give yourself some grace and love (especially to your body!)

When it comes to the menopause transition, each of us will have a unique experience, but there is one thing that is universally true. We’ll all go through it if we live long enough. It’s normal to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, disappointed, or sad when your body is not cooperating in the way you think it should. But being at war with your body does nothing except ramp up your stress and keep you off balance Your body WANTS to be in balance…that’s its whole job. And it needs YOU to give it some love in order to do that. You are an amazing woman regardless of the symptoms you are experiencing!

Look at your body as a lab

When I’m working with my clients, I encourage them to get curious and look at the changes they are making from a 30,000-foot level. I ask them to think of their bodies as labs. From this vantage point, it is possible to get out of the weeds and notice what’s going on. Be your own experiment. Notice how foods make you feel. Notice what situations cause tightness in your chest or an adrenaline rush. Notice how your gut feels. Notice your energy level throughout the day. Make notes. Be the investigator!

Have reasonable expectations

This is a conversation I always have with my clients…the one about what is reasonable to expect and what is not. When I forget to do that, I’ll often get an email 2 days after someone starts their therapeutic plan letting me know that they haven’t noticed improvement. You didn’t get into whatever state you’re in in 2 days and you’re not getting out of it that fast either! Habit change takes time. Weight loss takes time. Hormone balance takes time. Herbal supplements work more slowly than drugs. And sometimes things get worse before better. Patience pays off!

Reframe success

Sometimes, my clients set their bar for success so high that there is no reasonable way they’ll achieve their goals. Go for baby steps and create momentum that carries you forward. No one is expecting perfection. If you take a step back, don’t beat yourself up. Just remember your why and get back on the horse.

Celebrate your wins! (no matter how small)

See #5! Baby steps. Celebrate each milestone you achieve because those baby steps are ultimately going to get you where you want to go. Rewards give you a dopamine hit (which always feels good) and keep you motivated and having fun. Rewards can be simple pleasures, a fabulous vacation, or a new wardrobe. Only you know what is meaningful to you. BUT, I highly suggest not rewarding yourself with junk food…crappy food isn’t a reward for anything.

Roll with the changes

Forward progress in perimenopause and menopause can feel like one step forward and 2 steps back at times. Know this…things will change and the more that you understand that this is a season of your life the easier it will be to roll with it. This is one reason I created the Hormone Harmony membership group. I want you to have the support of a community of women who are sharing this experience and I want to teach you strategies that will serve you over the entire course of the menopause transition. Yes, these strategies will change over time, but if you practice listening to your body and use the techniques you’ll learn in my Hormone Harmony course (part of your membership), you’ll have a toolbox to help you sail through the changes that come.

Now it’s your turn.

Take some time to reflect on 2023 and answer these questions. You may be very surprised by what you come up with!

  1. What were some of your “highs” and “lows” this past year? 
  2. Did any of your “lows” turn into “highs” (or contribute to your “highs”)?
  3. What was your most surreal moment this year?
  4. What was the biggest surprise?
  5. What personal or professional victories can you celebrate from the year?

Feel free to share your answers in the blog comments or Facebook group!

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