How Negative Thinking Impacts Hormone Imbalances

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is, “Will my hormone imbalances get better when I reach menopause?” And the answer is… it depends. For many women, the fall of hormones to post-menopausal levels is all they they need to feel like a new normal has arrived. For others, estrogen dominance symptoms continue because of ongoing hormone imbalances that are related to lifestyle, stress and exposure to xenoestrogens. And for a third group, different symptoms arise, like vaginal dryness and hot flashes. What you experience is largely related to genetics, hormone balance, the lifestyle choices you make and the way you think about perimenopause.

If you’re just starting the process of perimenopause, you have a big advantage over your sisters who are nearing the end of it. You have time to really consider what you want for your long-term health and an opportunity to take the perimenopause bull by the horns. You’ve probably read a lot of information and now’s the time to put together your Hormone Harmony Action Plan for success. Today is a perfect time to start! If you’re still not 100% sure whether you’re in perimenopause or not, you can find out by taking my quiz.

The Power of a Positive Mindset in Perimenopause

Step 1 in your Hormone Harmony Action Plan is creating a powerful mindset. I cannot stress this enough. I put this first because I think it’s the habit that helps create the most success. Positive thinking won’t create success on its own, but it certainly goes a long way to motivate you to take action. I learned this when I quit smoking (yes, I smoked!). When I allowed myself to get caught up in negativity and stress, I would start up again. But when I learned how to squash negative thoughts and flip them to better-feeling ones instead, I succeeded. Negative thinking affects your stress levels, which in turn increases cortisol. Cortisol affects the action of progesterone and thyroid. It’s all connected.

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So how to change this? Start by becoming more aware of your negative self-talk because the most important words are the ones you say to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself. I have my clients journal their thoughts during the day and it is shocking what is running through their brains. Keep a little tally sheet throughout the day, noting each time you have a negative thought. Soon you’ll recognize patterns and situations that bring about negative thinking and can begin to take action on your thinking.

If you fear perimenopause and menopause and you are hyper-focused on every twinge and hangnail, you will definitely have a rough ride. Think back to puberty. Did you spend all of your time obsessing about your body and what was going on? Of course not. And this transition is really no different. It’s just the other end of the reproductive spectrum. Every thought is a choice. But choosing better thoughts takes practice. Two books I highly recommend for help in beginning a mindset/thought work practice are Loving What Is by Byron Katie and Self-Coaching 101 by Brooke Castillo. Both of these books offer clear processes to work through to flip negative thinking. Byron Katie also has videos on her website where she demonstrates the process with actual clients.

Managing your thoughts is a great way to begin creating hormone harmony. I’ll be sharing the other steps in your Hormone Harmony Action Plan in the coming weeks. Let’s get going!

Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and Doctor of Pharmacy. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause find natural hormone balancing solutions so they can rock their mojo through midlife and beyond. Her clients would tell you that her real gift is helping them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were gone forever.

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