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I was put into full menopause due to having my ovaries surgically removed. Because of Dr. Anna I have ZERO symptoms of menopause! Zero! She is knowledgeable, helpful and was by my side until we figured it out. It was worth every penny I spent! Hell, it is work 10X the amount.

This is what Dr. Anna does every day. She is an expert. Take advantage of working with someone who is the best, passionate about this and studies it daily. Most of us are willing to shell out $ for hair color, highlights, new clothes, nails, lashes, botox and yet we don’t want to pay money to feel better. We are reluctant to spend money on our body and mind and we need to make health more of a priority.

P.S.-I shared a couple of articles that Anna has written with my own doctor and he now follows her and shares her articles with his audience. They can’t help that they weren’t trained on this. They don’t study what they are not passionate about. Work with someone who is.

Lisa Tammen Smith – Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Anna Garrett  has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge due to her interest in peri and menopause as a woman experiencing it herself AND with her strong science background as a licensed pharmacist.

If you can beg or borrow or just happen to have the money to get DUTCH testing with her and consult with her, I can’t possibly recommend it highly enough.  She and her knowledge have rescued me from heavy bleeding and poor quality of life twice now with prescription medications.

Kimberly Graham – Des Moines, Iowa

I came away with so much knowledge and information from my DUTCH test and consultation with Anna Garrett.

I now have recommendations to help me navigate this ever-changing time in life. One of the most comforting bits of information for me was learning how the different types of estrogen are distributed in my body. I gained information to help with sleep, my libido and found out the levels of my hormones. I also gained some insight into my thyroid. Ladies, it’s worth the investment to gain this understanding and peace of mind. Thanks for all the info, Anna!

Holly Plyler –  Salt Flat, TX

During the time I’ve worked with Dr. Anna, I’ve been able to regaining my momentum, equilibrium, confidence and a healthy mindset.

I felt like I had no control over what was happening with my body, so I started out working with her on balancing my hormones with her Hormone Harmony program. Once we got that under control, I participated in the Lose Fat over 40 program to shed the extra 15 lbs that had crept on in the last few years…it’s gone now!

With Dr. Anna’s support, I feel like I’ve figured out the key to regaining my balance and now I feel much more like my old self. I feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant. I am in control of my body once again and it shows!

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint – San Francisco, CA

Until March of 2018, I thought things were relatively normal for me.

I was 53, was still getting my period regularly, etc. But then everything changed. My period suddenly stopped without warning, and I began getting really debilitating hot flashes and night sweats. I was not sleeping more than a couple of hours a night because I’d wake up every hour or two drenched in sweat. I couldn’t concentrate on my work (I own my own writing/marketing/social media business), and my work was suffering. My relationship with my husband and friends was suffering because I was so uncomfortable and miserable that this was all I could think about or talk about.

I contacted Anna and we discussed my issues and I immediately felt better because someone GOT IT. Someone understood what I was going through, recognized that it was an issue, and was going to help me find a resolution. Anna ordered hormone testing for me, and we discovered that my estrogen and progesterone were completely depleted, and this was the cause of the hot flashes. She recommended supplements and within a few days had experienced a dramatic reduction in hot flashes. I was finally able to get some sleep.

Working with Anna was the smartest thing I ever did, and I only wish I would have realized earlier on how useful it would be. I had sleeping issues for most of my 40’s and early 50’s. Now I have no trouble sleeping. I no longer get hot flashes. I feel balanced in every way and more positive and happy than I have for several years.

If you are thinking about working with Anna, I would say this: Do not hesitate, do not wait. Your health and your happiness and well-being are worth it and the cost is insignificant when you look at it in that light. Forget the bed fans and special clothing and supplements — put your money where it will have a real impact… put it into consultation with Anna Garrett.

Ann Latner – Port Washington, NY

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To get started, I offer a 45- minute consultation to talk about your goals and concerns and for us to discuss my recommendations for how to approach your hormones. This is a personalized consultation and we’ll go as deep as we can in the allotted time. The cost for this session is $197.  I look forward to talking with you!

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