Genetic Mastery

Have you ever felt that you were doomed to your family’s health issues (diabetes, cholesterol, weight management, even Alzheimer’s disease) because it’s “just in your genes”?

Or maybe you’ve wondered why a certain diet, or supplement, or fitness trend seems to be working miracles for your friends, yet as hard as you try, you don’t get the same results?

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How Epigenetics Works

You are a product of your DNA and your epigenetics. You are born with a unique DNA or set of genes that you received from your parents. However, other factors come into play that influence those DNA genes as to how or even if they express themselves. These ‘switches’ are called epigenetic tags.

So what decides if epigenetic tags turn on particular genes or not? The environment is the driving force. The definition of environment in this case means “what you eat, drink, breathe, touch, think, believe or perceive to be true”. And this environment is actually what determines how your epigenetic tags operate and therefore your health or lack of health.

These are exciting times – we understand more than ever how these choices that we make on a daily basis can create changes in the expression of our DNA, literally changing the way we experience the world. Using the 23andme genetic panel, it is now possible to shine a light on the optimal nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you be the healthiest you possible.

In Genetic Mastery program, I can interpret your genetics and guide you in these areas:

  • Sleep


  • Nutrition


  • Stress


  • Detoxification


  • Supplementation


  • Hormones


All genomic reports are provided in a well-designed, easy-to-read format that includes interpretation notes based on your current lifestyle and health goals.

What results can I expect?

When you and I work together using your genetic information, here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • Better sleep (so your body can repair itself and you can operate at peak efficiency)
  • A precise nutritional approach for you (so you can stop obsessing about the latest, greatest trend)
  • A clear picture of your body’s basic supplementation needs (so you can stop taking handfuls of supplements every day)
  • An understanding of your metabolic pathways and how toxins are removed from your body (so you can get the bad stuff out efficiently)
  • An understanding of how your body is making neurotransmitters (your feel-good chemicals) and how best to support these processes (so your mood is good and you don’t need to use food, alcohol etc to soothe yourself.)
  • How your genetics are affecting your hormones and menopause experience

The Genetic Mastery Program is available for $1297

This includes assessment of your health goals and current lifestyle, the reports listed above, a custom health strategy plan based on your genetics plus a one-hour consultation to review the reports and plan.

Note: you will need to order your own 23andme kit

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In addition, I am offering long-term coaching (3 or 6 months) to help you implement your plan and provide the structure and accountability that’s so important when it comes to making healthy changes.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing your genes control your future, and your health. Get into the driver’s seat by making the most efficient and effective mental, emotional, diet and lifestyle choices for your unique DNA

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