The Basics

What is Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40?

Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40 is a weight loss program for women who want to be permanent diet culture dropouts!

It is a combination of a structured eating plan plus a progression of steps (the BARE method) that will clean up your diet and teach you how to live your life — and feel your feelings — without “needing” the numbing, protective shield that overeating or eating in unhealthy ways provides.

Once you consistently make powerful food choices and do the mindset work so you can stop shielding, numbing and hiding, you naturally drop the weight—which (as a bonus) helps with hormone balance and overall health. It is THE most powerful work I have done with women. Period.

That’s how it works.

You’ll be coached by me individually AND in our group teleclasses PLUS you will join a community of like-minded women for 10 weeks of courageous action and personal growth. All while eating in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived in any way.

The Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40 experience is for you, if…

  • You spend a lot of time feeling preoccupied with your body, criticizing your body, feeling not skinny / sexy / toned / fit enough. You don’t want to live like that. You want to feel “at home” in your skin.
  • You hate exercising, you never do it, or you force yourself to do it because you’re terrified of getting fat / fatter. You want a new relationship with fitness that feels loving—not violent.
  • You eat a lot of meals in your car, hunched over your computer, in front of the TV, or in a frantic rush. You want to learn how to slow down and actually enjoy food again.
  • You’re confused about which foods to choose (Paleo, keto, low-carb…or something else)
  • You’re sick of postponing the experiences you really want—vacations, business launches, travel, adventure—until “someday” when you’re skinnier.
  • You have friends who constantly whine about their bodies and honestly, you’re getting sick of it. You wouldn’t mind meeting some new soul-sisters who are committed to moving past all that negative chatter.
  • You want to live bravely. You want to feel powerful and purposeful. You don’t want to feel perpetually distracted by body / food issues. You want to move beyond that AND you know it’s possible!
  • You want to stop dancing with the same 20 lbs you’ve been lugging around for years and feel at home in your fabulous midlife skin!

The Breakdown

This is a 10-week program that combines group coaching with a structured, healthy eating plan.

Each week during the group coaching, we’ll have a quick check-in about how you’re doing with your eating plan and then we’ll spend the rest of our time together upgrading a new area of your life—like upgrading your morning routine, upgrading your environment at home, upgrading your eating habits, or choosing magazines, blogs, and TV shows that give you more power instead of draining you.

With each positive upgrade that you make, you’ll notice that the urge to overeat (or obsess over food and your body) will begin to disappear. As your life begins to feel better, your body begins to look and feel different, too.

You’ll have more energy, you’ll get restful sleep, cravings will disappear, anxiety will be gone, you’ll be more present with loved ones AND you’ll feel at home in your skin again!

Group coaching dates:

We’ll meet August 16, 23, September 6, 20, October 4, 18 at 5:30 PM EST; all classes are one hour and fifteen minutes. Attend live—or download the weekly recordings if you can’t make it.

7 Group Challenges:

Designed to move you into a braver life with less shielding and more strength.

What kinds of challenges?

For starters: You are going to detox your closet and then create three outfits that make you feel amazing — at your current size. (Because appreciating your body at your current weight… is THE secret to dropping down to a lower weight.) You are going to try six new forms of exercise. You are going to look at your naked body in the mirror with your eyes and heart open. You are going to take yourself out for a romantic meal. You will evaluate your friendships and the media you consume. And you will learn to inject PLEASURE into everything you do.

[Everyone in the group will be completing each challenge along with you. Your effort is your own, but you won’t be alone.]

Access to the FFF Facebook Community:

Your space to connect with women in the program ask for extra love and support on tough days. Every member takes a vow of privacy and confidentially. Your stories are safe here.

  • I was struggling through the menopause journey.  I am an older parent, which adds extra pressure to everyday life and well being. When I saw “Fit, Fabulous & Fierce Over 40” it caught my attention.  I was motivated to try anything that could remotely help me feel like my old self again!

    Dr. Anna’s ability to guide me through the BARE process was inspiring. I enjoyed how interactive it was and how simple changes made such a big difference!

    I stopped eating at the kitchen counter on the go and gave my body care and nourishment in beautiful surroundings at a REAL TABLE.

    I stopped the arduous task of exercise and brought back the joy and fun of movement.

    I shifted my mindset to see myself in a kinder, gentler way and was able to see and appreciate my beauty differently.

    The bonus of the program was hanging out with other women struggling with the same issues. With Dr. Anna leading the charge I would highly recommend this program. You will leave feeling more Fit, Fabulous & Fierce than when you started!

    Dianne Irving
    Dianne Irving
    Princeton, NJ
  • I signed up for this program because nothing else was working. I’ve used countless programs to lose weight and I was embarrassed that “I let myself go”. I was ashamed. I worried that my husband no longer desired me.

    It wasn’t until I loved myself exactly as I am that success actually came. When I was able to accept myself in the present moment, the weight began falling off. This program teaches you to love yourself NOW, TODAY, rather than if and when you lose weight.

    As a result, I’ve lost 10 lbs and 16 inches AND I’ve gained energy, a zest for living, and a great sex life.

    Kelly Beischel
    Kelly Beischel
    Cinncinnati, OH
  • I’ve experienced tremendous stress in the last few years with the deaths of my mother and brother. And I got laid off from my job after 19 years.  was eating poorly and found it difficult to find motivation to exercise or focus on what I was eating. I had gained 25 lbs in a year from simply being uninvolved in my own life and food choices.

    Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40 trained me to think more about the choices I make and to see the long view in becoming healthier. For me, the largest battle was in my mind: finding the motivation, being accountable for my choices or refusal to make a choice, and maintaining a positive attitude to carry me through the low points that still occur.

    While I still have weight to lose, I am more positive on a daily basis and don’t spiral down into negative self-talk. I don’t eat as mindlessly and I know I have a group of other women who are on the journey with me.

    Catherine Price
    Catherine Price
    Atlanta, GA
  • Before I started this program I was aware that certain foods and patterns around food did not feel good, physically or emotionally. I was 25 pounds over what I felt was a good weight for me. I am not a life long dieter and had no interest in counting, measuring or following strict rules and knew that for any significant change to take place I had to either get seriously ill or get help and support. I knew that changing 57 years of eating a certain way was not going to happen overnight and I certainly didn’t have the wherewithal to do it by myself.

    On the first day of Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40, I knew I was in the right place. I felt the support and guidance to get started and make the changes I wanted to make.  I’ve lost 15 pounds towards my goal in 11 weeks and definitely feel better all around. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and my thinking is clearer.

    I also have better self awareness about my body and how important it is to take the time and attention for good self care. If I don’t do it no one else will. I love this program and feel it will be part of my life for the rest of my life.

    Alison Arnold
    Asheville, NC
  • As an older woman who has struggled with menopause-related weight gain, I had nearly given up hope that I would hang on to the positive self-image I held as a younger woman.  Fit, Fabulous and Fierce over 40 allowed me to achieve some profound shifts in mindset and self-image.

    For example, I learned to give myself permission to spend more relaxed time enjoying my meals and that my on-the-go eating was contributing to weight gain. I began yoga classes as a new fitness and stress-relief practice.  I also ended all the “mean-girl” talk directed at my body.  Instead, I switched to deep appreciation for all the things my healthy body does for me every moment of the day, including ongoing healing and metabolic balance.

    While weight-loss continues to be a goal, it’s no longer just about the scale. Instead, I am focused on an active and healthy aging process that preserves a high quality of life into my 80s and 90s.

    Paula Young
    Paula Young
    Doha, Qatar

Yes, Please!

I’ve created 2 program options so you can customize your experience to match your budget and your needs for support.

Let’s get your seat saved!

Choose the level of support that’s right for you.

FFF Basic Program

Ten weeks of group coaching + TLS program including first month of supplements + all course materials + community support to keep you on track and supported throughout the program

Your investment: $797 or
3 payments of $292

Buy Now!

FFF VIP Program

FFF Basic program + 2 private calls with me. This program is perfect for women who'd like some extra support or to get advice about hormones. If you feel like you're swimming upstream against your body, this is for you!

Your investment: $1397 or
3 payments of $512

Buy Now!

And if you are having major doubts right now, that’s understandable. You’ve already spent so much time and money on diets, detoxes, cleanses, gym memberships that you never used… and you don’t want to line yourself up for another disappointment.

I get it.

So I’m going to be completely honest with you:

If you are looking for “fast” weight loss, a magic juice detox, or a coach who will let you hide or slip under the radar, do not sign up for this program. You will definitely be disappointed.

However, if you are ready for permanent weight loss (the slow and steady kind), a coach who gets up in your face (in a good way), and a community of women who will encourage you to be stronger and braver than you ever thought you could be… sign up for this.

Work with me.

When you go on a courageous journey of the body and soul, like this one? There’s NO way you’re going to disappoint yourself or anyone else. It’s all upward from here.

Ready to get started? Register here, then I’ll get you all set up!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Dr. Anna

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