23 Aug 2012

6 Ways to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

My client, Jackie, is anxious. She and her husband are divorcing and they are in the process of trying to figure out how to divide the assets they have.  Jackie is perilously close to doing herself a HUGE financial disservice (for the second time) by giving her soon-to-be-ex husband more than his share of equity in their home. Why? Because she doesn’t know what she...

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16 Aug 2012

15 Ways to Stretch Summer’s Glory Days

Cut fresh flowers from your garden Make homemade ice cream with fresh fruit Have a tomato sandwich (white bread, German Johnson tomato, full-fat mayo, salt and pepper) Take a hike after dinner Go to bed when it’s light outside Grill out every night for a week Take advantage of a local lake or river and go boating or tubing. Go camping. Get a brightly colored...

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09 Aug 2012

What Michael Phelps Taught Us About Redeciding

As of this week, Michael Phelps now has 22 Olympic medals to polish and is heading into the swimming sunset.  This is nothing short of total, brilliant, pure athletic awesomeness. I am impressed by this. But I am even more impressed by something else. You see, last week, he almost didn’t qualify for one of the races he entered.  It looked like he had the...

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26 Jul 2012

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Brain as You Age

Development of dementia is a process. Part of this process may be genetic and part may be due to lifestyle and exposures to toxins over the lifespan of a person. Some of these factors can becontrolled. Here are 5 easy tips that will help you protect YOUR Best Thinking as the years go by. Exercise.Moving stimulates formation of new blood vessels in the brain AND...

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19 Jul 2012

The Joy of Feasting

A feast is a ritual that sets an activity apart from ordinary life in a way that emphasizes beauty and pleasure for those that participate. Feasts touch all the senses of taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. It gives you true nourishment by feeding your true self physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. How to Build Your Own Feast Create a ritual to put parentheses around...

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12 Jul 2012

Whispers, Taps and 2x4s

Sometimes, it starts as a whisper from the little voice in your head…”psst…psst…ya know, with your family history, you’re gonna need to pay attention to the choices you make.” Or, it could be a not-so-gentle tap on your shoulder….”Mrs. Jones, you have diabetes.” Or, the 2 x 4 might smack you squarely on the head (from the back of an ambulance) as you find yourself...

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06 Jul 2012

Keep Your Best Thinking Train on the Tracks: 3 Easy Ways to Avoid Travel Trip-Ups

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip. -Arnold H. Glasgow Picture this. You’re making some excellent life choices using your very best thinking. You’re feeling stronger, healthier and you are totally on the right track. You’re super-proud of yourself! And it’s time for your vacation. You have visions of fruity drinks, palm trees...

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28 Jun 2012

Knowing is Not Doing

  I have a lot of really smart clients. They know lots of stuff. Many of them work in healthcare, so they keep up with the latest recommendations about how to stay healthy AND they see the results of not doing these things played out every day by the patients they care for. And even though they know what to do, they come to me…overweight,...

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21 Jun 2012

When is a Rule Really Just a Suggestion?

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. -Katharine Hepburn When is a rule really just a suggestion? And when do suggestions morph into rules? Our world is full of rules. Signs tell us where to go. Written instructions tell us what to do. Emily Post tells us how to act.  And if this isn’t enough, we start making internal rules for...

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14 Jun 2012

5 Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Friendships

Social and emotional support is very effective in helping us handle stress. A strong sense of community can be just the thing that anchors us and helps us feel connected when the going gets rough. Emotional support buffers us against the extremes of emotions that cause increases in adrenaline and cortisol (both of which can contribute to chronic disease and weight gain). Recent studies have...

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